Coffee Candy and More

A warm compact space you visit once, 

then come back to again and again.

Chocolate Moonshine Co. 

America's Best Fudge since 1980

"Illegally Good Confections...

...handmade the Old Fashioned Way"

Where it all began for Chocolate Moonshine Co.

From perfecting recipes in the basement of the family home to becoming an industry leader of gourmet fudge and truffles, Chocolate Moonshine maintains their commitment to quality, innovation, and fun. What started as a passion project in the evenings under the moon soon became the talk of the town. With a focus on pure, fresh ingredients, Chris Warman Sr.’s creamy confections captured the cravings of everyone lucky enough to get a taste. These delights made their public debut at Goodies Candy on the Pittsburgh University campus in 1985 and would be recognized by some of the world’s finest chocolatiers from Hershey to Godiva.