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Coutts Blueberry Farm, Paupack, Pennsylvania

In 1964, Donal & Shirley Coutts purchased 41 ½ acres of land from Mr. Charles T. Oughton, Sr. It included the three fields presently under cultivation. Field One was approximately 4/5 cleared and planted with high bush blueberries. Field Two was planted with blueberries in what is presently sections A, B & C. Field Three had the first 14 rows planted. The remaining sections of fields were grown up in trees, brush, or weeds.

Only one piece of machinery was purchased with the farm. That was a Model 40 John Deere cleat track tractor. That same tractor is still owned and used at the farm today.

The entire fields are now planted with high bush Blueberries. Some of the oldest plants are being replaced with newer varieties. They presently have 25 varieties planted including Atlantic, Berkley, Bluecrop, Bluejay & many more. 

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