Coffee Candy and More ™

A warm compact space you visit once, then come back to again and again.


Two local businesses graciously offered me

their water and kitchen at their location(s)

for me to make coffee daily for the shop here in Promised Land.

It is something that needs to be done in order for me to offer you fresh, hot coffee every day.

A Huge Thank You To

Wallenpaupack Bowling Center, Hawl ey, Pa

Mountain House Tavern, Promised Land, Pa.

Please enjoy a cup of coffee here at Gallagher's Coffee Candy and More


About Kelly Gallagher ~

I've lived in Promised Land, Pa.  year round for the past 16 years and I enjoy a great hot cup of coffee, like most of us, and so I decided to open up a coffee shop for all of us to enjoy - as a community.

After finding and leasing a spot in Promised Land, Pa., after purchasing the equipment, urns, supplies, refrigeration, freezer, POS, etc., after acquiring the permits and licenses, registering with the state (the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture and the Dept. Environmental Protection) the brakes were put on and the rug was pulled out from underneath the original coffee shop vision because of an issue with the permitting of the water well at the rental property.

Yes, ten (10) days from my planned opening I was told I could not sell coffee,  could not sell baked beans and not  sell my homemade fudge, or even slice bagels at this location due to an issue with the well paperwork.

On March 21, 2022, I was issued a license to open and sell only pre-packaged goods, canned  coffee, candies, chips, snacks, cold beverages, a few gift items and newspapers.  Not fresh brewed coffee as I had intended and hoped for - for our community.  


After passing inspection with the Pa. Dept. of Agriculture with the pre-packaged goods, I have opened the store for business as of April 1, 2022 with as many pre-packaged goods as I can fit. 

 Please visit the store, enjoy what you see and take some goodies with you. 

Thank you, neighbors, for understanding.  Hopefully the well issues will soon be rectified, and we will all enjoy a hot cup of coffee together as we play a friendly game of checkers.

Kelly Gallagher


Note: There is nothing wrong  or dangerous with the well water itself - 

it passed with flying colors! 

 The well simply needs a current permit)

Why a coffee shop?

People love their coffee & connecting with friends for coffee.  


Why here? 

This is my home. And also I couldn't find a coffee shop in the area. 


Why now?

What better time than now?

What I hoped for this coffee shop was to offer everyone in my neighborhood something hot & delicious.

Whether you live here year round or you are visiting from out of town, you are appreciated! 

Stop by ~ we're open year round ( except for Tuesdays & Wednesdays) in Promised Land, PA,

adjacent to the "Pine Cone Gift Shop".  

There's ample parking out front and a covered Dog Friendly front walkway.  There is fresh cool water and Peanut Butter Doggie Treats ^_^

Please support our local Promised Land Volunteer Fire Department.  

These volunteers are family and neighbors and are here for all of us day and night.

The firehouse holds many events in their hall including Bingo on Saturday evenings 

April - October.

Also, please support our other local businesses here in Promised Land:

Mountain House Tavern

The Old Rangers Inn

The Rex Motel

The Lake Store

The Pine Cone Gift Shop

High Country Cottages

The Sportsmen's Association

Promised Land Boat Rental 

All on Route 390. 


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