Coffee Candy and More

A warm compact space you visit once, 

then come back to again and again.


About me,  Kelly Gallagher, founder of Gallagher's Coffee, Candy & More™

I've lived in Promised Land, Pa.  year round since 2006 and I enjoy a great hot cup of coffee, like most of us, and so I wanted to offer a coffee shop for all of us to enjoy - as a community and as part of the 121 destination Pennsylvania State Parks.  

However,  you will find that this shop has become more than a place to get a great cup of coffee ~ 

lots of folks have come in to get out of the heat, rain, snow and winds to find a warm space with lots of bakery goodies, a checkers game board, a rock 'em sock 'em game for the kids, lots of surprises in the retro red fridge (La Colombe, red bull, International Delight cold coffee and more). Try your luck at my daily Trivia question and win a fabulous prize! 

When you first walk in through the screen door with the bell, depending on the season, you will feel the delicious air conditioning or the heat of the wonderful wood fed heater - included free is the smell of the burning wood.  Don't worry about dripping from your bathing suit or your snow boots, the 1945 wood floor can handle anything. 

Here you will also find mugs, salt & pepper shakers, tea kettles, wood creations by Sandi O., bibs by Kim H., candles and a penny candy cart, and so much more.

Meander over to the bagel and cream cheese table, indulge in a delicious bagel or muffin, Aussie Bites, mini cinnie or brownie. 

Take home a box or tin of delicious cookies from around the World:  Italy, France, even NJ. :)

Just look up to see many original watercolor paintings of birds, a snake, a donkey called Pickles, a baboon, an eagle etc.,  plus... Pet Portraits - peruse through the binder of current and past pet portraits and ask how you can have your furry family member painted.  Paintings by Kelly Gallagher. (sorry, I don't paint humans :))

Be sure to open the "Did You Pack The Odds & Ends?" drawers!  

You will be seriously surprised! 

And lastly, remember your coffee loyalty card - the 10th cup is free on me!  Whether you use it or not - Gallagher's Coffee Shop is now a part of your journey and a piece of your memory.  Hope to see you soon. 

Whatever your reason or need for stopping at Gallagher's Coffee...

Welcome, you are appreciated.

Why a coffee shop?

People love their coffee & connecting with friends for coffee.  


Why here?

 This is my home. 


Why now?

What better time than now?

What I hoped for this coffee shop was to offer everyone in this beautiful piece of Earth something hot & delicious, and a place to gather with friends and family.

Stop by ~ we're open year round (except for Tuesdays & Wednesdays) on Route 390 in Promised Land, PA,

adjacent to the "Pine Cone Gift Shop".  

There's ample parking  and covered  benches out front.  

The front porch is dog friendly too with fresh cool water and Grain-free Peanut Butter Doggie Treats ^_^

Please support our local Promised Land Volunteer Fire Department - (570) 676-3818

These volunteers are family and neighbors and are here for all of us day and night.

The firehouse holds many events in their hall including Bingo on Saturday evenings 

April - October.

Also, please support our other local businesses here in Promised Land:

  • Mountain House Tavern - (570) 252-4275
  • The Old Rangers Inn - (570) 676-3905
  • The Rex Motel - (610) 686-8810
  • The Pine Cone Gift Shop - (570) 676-4428
  • High Country Cottages - (570) 676-3838
  • The Sportsmen's Association - (570) 676-9499
  • Promised Land Boat Rental - (570) 676-6010

All on Route 390 in the heart <3 of Promised Land!


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